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Business owners served - since 2006


Time Entrepreneur of the year award nominee

What Do You Need Support With?

This is just the starting point. Topics I provide mentorship on include:

Business & Career Strategy 

I've been helping people succeed in the workplace since 2003 and I can help you too!

Working From Anywhere

My business has been location independent since 2011. Wanna work from the beach? I can show you how!

Mindset & Mental Health 

Working by yourself can be hard in the ways we don't hear much about. I get it & I'm happy to share what works for me! 

Self Care & Routine Development

High performers have incredibly precise routines and habits. Let's get yours on point.

Optimizing Cashflow & Reducing Costs

Profits are the name of the game! Let's talk about you taking home more moolah! 

Sales Funnel & Online Marketing 

How do you turn your social media followers into paying customers? I can show you how.

About Laurel Anne Stark 

Profit whispering, Wild Joy Stoking, Entrepreneur Elevating, Mental Health Advocating, Weight Lifting, Book Writing. CAN/ MEX #sober

Laurel Anne Stark is an entrepreneur, mentor, and acclaimed author and speaker. 

Laurel has been supporting women and men in the workplace since 2003 through her courses, writing, one on one work, speaking engagements and regular videos and social media posts. 

Laurel has been featured on CNN, CTV and Entrepreneur.com and is a two time nominee of the RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards presented by Women Of Influence.

Laurel is also a woman in long term recovery, which means she's been free from all mind altering substances including alcohol, since 2011.

Laurel works with big dreamers, business owners, creatives, entrepreneurs and people in recovery. Together they design lives and businesses that have more joy, profits, impact, fulfillment and satisfaction.

"Wow! That call was an 1000 out of 10"  

Mita Carriman, Founder, Adventurely App. 

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