Do you want a better business? A business that works for you - not the other way around?

Imagine a business where:  

  • You feel better in your work- where you’re not living for the weekend & negotiating with burnout. 
  • You’re making better money - a little more in line with what you’re worth.  
  • You have a better lifestyle - you’re enjoying more freedom  
  • You work with better clients and customers - ones that appreciate you and pay you fairly  
  • You have better systems - you’re not looking for lost stuff or overwhelmed with paperwork  
  • You have a better plan - you know where you’re going and how you’re going to get there

What about working the way you want? 

  • Where you want 
  • When you want  
  • Wearing what you want


Basically if you have an iphone and an idea, you can be in business for yourself.  

You’ve seen these people; they’re all over the internet.  

  • You don’t need a degree  
  • You don’t need to know the right people  
  • You don’t need to have been born with an iphone in your hand  

There’s no big secret to creating a sustainable, enjoyable, profitable, impactful business.

You just need a plan, some support, accountability and a few basic business tools. 

Yup that’s it.  

A plan, some support, accountability and a few basic business tools.  

Pretty unsexy eh?

So why are so many self employed people stressed and broke?  


The problem is self employed people are self managing, and that usually means:  

1. NO STRUCTURE: No bosses telling us what to do, means we may not know, big picture, where we’re taking our business - or even what to focus on today - to drive results.

2. NO ACCOUNTABILITY: No one will know if we don’t do that thing we told ourselves we would this week, so it doesn’t get done.  

3. NO SKILLS: Of course we have skills, I just mean BUSINESS skills: stuff like operations management, financial management and marketing management.  

4. NO MAP: How can you get there if you don’t know exactly, specifically where you’re going?  

5. NO SUPPORT: No place to talk stuff out, get a second opinion, brainstorm, get your questions answered, get encouragement and feedback from another business owner; pets and partners don't count.


Poor self-direction & support, cause self-employed people to end up working for their businesses - not the other way around.

This usually looks like:  

Working too hard for too little - risking burnout to get underpaid.  

Accepting crappy treatment from rude people - just to pay the bills  

Reactive not proactive time management - where did April go!  

A sense of drifting - not exactly sure where you’re going or how you’re going to get there  

At the end of the year feeling disappointed by how much you’ve earned and how much you owe  

Cashflow issues - struggling to get people to pay you on time, or at all.  

Shiny object syndrome - flitting from shiny object to shiny object - maybe you just need to be on Twitter?  

Unclear about how to leverage the internet & technology to make your business better.

If you want 2019 to be the year you upgrade your business and your life’re going to need to do something differently.


The odds of you making a change significant enough to provide positive impact is NINE AGAINST ONE.

Eep. Not exactly encouraging.  

But... not impossible either.  

You’re going to need a plan and bring in the reinforcements.  

What got you where you are won’t get you where you want to go.  

It’s a fact, you’ll need to intentionally upgrade and invest in yourself first to see changes in your business.  

If you don’t do something differently, 2019 and 2020 and maybe even 2021 will be exactly the same.  

Know what I'm sayin'?

If you don’t do something differently, 2019 and 2020 (and maybe even 2021) will be exactly the same.  

So lemme ask ya this...


A better business isn't for everyone though.  

There is a ton of information out there about what we should be doing to have a better business - it’s not exactly unanimous in what the first step is - so it's a lot easier to stay overwhelmed, put our heads down and keep grinding it out. You have customers to serve and cash to earn - it’s hard to make time to work ON your business instead of IN it.  

It’s actually easier to stay the same, take no action and stagnate, then commit to change.  

Doing the work is, well, work. Not everyone is up for it.  

It takes courage to stand up and say "this is what I really want and I am going after it." You'll have skin in the game.  

It’s easier to tell yourself you can always do something different, later.


Without a sustainable business model, you’re risking burnout & wasting opportunity.

Your better business offers you;  

More freedom - to be yourself, work when and where you want  

More joy - do what you’re really good at and enjoy  

More time off - whether that’s more vacations or no work on Fridays  

More control - who you work with and how  

More confidence - that you have the tools, training and plan for your business  

More cash - charging what you’re worth & taking home more money  

More impact - your business is your vision for the world, made real

A better business looks different for everyone.

Some people want to make a ton more money.  

They want the Lexus and the Louis Vuitton bag and a well appointed penthouse, and good for them.  

Other people just want enough to put their kids through school, and not have to work 80 hour weeks to pay for it.  


I want to be able to go outside when it’s nice, wear cowboy boots pretty much all the time, really help people and have enough cash to spoil my dog, buy a lot of books and travel when and where I want.  

Everyone is different, and that's cool!  

The Rising Tide program is simply about elevating you to an upgraded business and life that works for you.


A 6 month long self employed success program.

It’s a six month long immersive training program designed and taught live by moi - an entrepreneur with 16 years of hands on, in the trenches experience.  

It’s four modules per month (24 total) which include training and exercises.

It's two live question and answer periods per month.

It’s an online community, where we share our wins, losses, progress, fails and cheer each other on AND keep each other accountable to change.  

All materials are yours, so you have them for life 

You get personalized one on one attention from me  

It’s the lowest price package I have to work with me

Created and taught by Laurel Anne Stark, this course will give you:  

  • Foundational business training: What you really need to know about Operations, Finances & Marketing, delivered in plain language, four times a month from yours truly  
  • Step-by-Step, in order, directions on what to do now to build a solid foundation that will support you now and for years to come  
  • A one page business plan to use as a compass for all future decisions  
  • An online marketing system that works to generate money for you while you sleep  
  • A get shit done system to use each week to actually make progress towards your goals  
  • Support, structure & accountability: Room to work ON your business on the things that will really work to redesign a sustainable business.  
  • Hands on guidance and support to build a plan and optimize your day-to-day operations in order to achieve your personal version of success  
  • Encouragement, support, feedback and guidance from me & The Rising Tide community as you run your plan.


Self employed people like you!

Are you?  

Just starting out and would rather skip the painful learning curve, trial and error period and instead learn exactly how to create your version of a better business.  

Have you?  

Been in business for awhile but it’s not exactly working for you. You want an upgrade from surviving to thriving.


16 years of delivering results

Laurel Anne Stark is an entrepreneur, mentor, and acclaimed author and speaker. The founder of The New Media Group: a digital marketing agency, Laurel has been supporting women and men in the workplace since 2003 through her courses, one on one work, speaking engagements and regular YouTube Videos.  

Laurel has been featured on CNN, CTV and and a two time nominee for the RBC Women of Influence Entrepreneur of The Year Award.

Laurel went from living and working in Calgary, AB; managing 80 clients and 15 team members, where she was stressed and working long hours, to living and working in "the Hawaii of Canada" Victoria, BC; managing less than 20 clients.  

She is taking home more money, working less hours and loves her work.  

She wants to share with you all the things:  

  • She learned the hard way.
  • She wishes she'd known 10 years ago.
  • That have helped catapult her into her better business.
  • The exact tools she uses to save time, and generate leads.
  • Myths and truths about working for yourself. 
  • How to really make money from the internet
  • The weekly planning system that triples productivity  
  • and much, much more. 

Hi 🖐 I'm Laurel Anne Stark! Profit whisperer, Small business sherpa, Joy cultivator, Mentor, Marketer, Writer.

Check out my video message to you below:


What you need and nothing you don’t to help you go from surviving to thriving in the business you created.  

  • Business school for busy people who need real, practical tools to see results  
  • A structure that keeps you motivated, encouraged, accountable and on track to rebuilding a business that really serves you.  
  • A biweekly kick ass and question and answer, live feedback tutorial session
  • Only the most top rated, acclaimed and high performing marketing systems and tools I’ve developed and actually use in my business and for my clients.  
  • Brilliant operations tactics to help you reduce paperwork, get paid faster and take your business anywhere.  
  • Exactly how to train your customers to appreciate you, pay you what your worth and refer their friends.  
  • Support in helping you build or rebuild a sustainable business: this isn’t about burning out, working 12 hour days or pretending red bull is a food group.  
  • An understanding of how to price yourself and develop your pricing models to get you out of scrambling, reaction mode, and into secure profitability.  
  • The exact tools and program to help you do more in less time; increasing your productivity and decreasing the time you spend working.
  • Access to Laurel Anne Stark's templates and contacts to save you time and money and get you hooked in with the right people


  • A course created by academics or people who haven’t actually been in the trenches of entrepreneurship
  • A completely online, do it yourself, "good luck with that!" program that you’ll buy and forget about  
  • A quick fix, razzle dazzle, magic cure for all that ails you.  
  • A place to complain about everything that isn't working, and procrastinate doing the work.  
  • A class so big, the instructor doesn't know your name.  

What You Get From The Rising Tide Group Success Program:


  • A daily routine and habits that will help you get real results in any aspect of your life.  
  • Structure, training, tools and mentorship in developing your operational, financial and marketing pillars to rebuild a business that actually supports your ideal life.  
  • Access to my top rated suit of marketing courses and training materials.  
  • Access to an entrepreneur with 16 years of hands-on, trial and error experience and real success.  
  • Access to our online community portal where you’ll get support, feedback and networking opportunities while you work through the course materials.  
  • A real plan, policies and roadmap to help you make the most of 2019 - broken up into digestible weekly chunks you can digest while you’re driving.  
  • Lifetime access to a crash course in real business success from yours truly.




Your mindset, your schedule, getting clear on your value, your mission, your vision, your value. Identifying what you really want from life and how your business will support that.


Your calendar, your to-do's, your boundaries, your tech. How to get way more of the right things done in less time. Goal setting and getting.


Get clear on who you serve, what problem you solve and why you're better than you're better than your competitors. Get all of this up and online.


Getting paid, accounts payable, accounts receivable, products, pricing, passive revenue, tax optimization. 


Paperwork, Systems, Customer Service, Contract, Using Software, Delegating, Business Models, Outsourcing, HR, Passive Revenue.  


Executing, Troubleshooting, Staying on track, Catching up, Saying No.  

Reviews From 2018 Attendees  

Hear what three attendees from last year say about their experience. 

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- The class size will be limited to 26, minimum 13  

-Registration will close May 4th 2018  

-The first class will be released May 7th 2018  

-The tutorial schedule will be determined based on participant preferences and will happening live via Zoom you just need to call in on the phone or computer to access the call via audio or video, whatever you prefer.  

- All tutorial calls are recorded so you can save and listen to them later  

-All you need is an internet connection, a few hours a week and a willingness to do the work.  

-The agenda for the live tutorial calls will fluctuate somewhat given the specific needs and skill level of the group, so you can expect a more tailored, personalized experience than indicated above. 

What People Say: 



Look, it’s already Spring 2019.  

Soon it will be summer, then fall then winter, then 2020.  

Without your commitment to doing something differently, odds are you’ll be in the same spot you’re in now, next year.  

Look, I’ve spent 10’s of thousands of hours and dollars on coaches, courses and workshops.  

I have mentors, accountability partners and success partners. I’ve read hundreds of books on business and I’ve distilled all that, plus 16 years real world experience into training you can actually use, that actually will help you make the change you need to see in your work.  

Imagine if you could shave one, two or five years off your learning curve ? 

What would that be worth to you?  

How about $444 (Canadian) ?  

Paid either in one instalment or in 6 payments of $99, I can guarantee you this is much better use of your time and money than continuing with the pray and spray method of marketing and running your business for even one more year.

Six Monthly Payments of $99

Invest $444, One Time Fee

Pay in 6 instalments of $99 When you click this button you'll be redirected to paypal. Once you complete your information, and complete the checkout process, your spot will be confirmed!

When you click this button you'll be redirected to paypal. Once you complete your information, and complete the checkout process, your spot will be confirmed!

PS. It's better with friends!  

Refer a friend and you each save $44!  

Just email me at la (at ) with both your names and we will arrange a reduced payment :-)  

PPS. Have questions? You can email me, at la (at) or find me on Facebook and message me there, or you can book a phone call here.